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You may be declined services if your return is out of scope or you do not bring all the documents.

You must bring:

• Required: All taxpayers must be present with photo identification
• Required: Original Social Security Cards or ITINs for tax filers and dependents
• W-2 from your job/employer
• Total Cash income (VITA: expenses are limited to $10,000)
• 1099 Misc from a Job or Contract Work (VITA: expenses are limited to $10,000)
• 1099K for Uber, Lyft, GrubHub, etc.
• 1099 R from Retirement Income
• 1099 SSA from Social Security Administration
• 1099 INT for Interest income (savings or bank account)
• 1099 DIV from Dividends
• 1099 G from Unemployment
• W-2 G from Gambling
• Form 1095A for health insurance purchased through Covered CA
• Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN) issued by the IRS.
• ITIN Renewals require valid photo identification and birth certificate OR a valid passport
• Last year’s tax return (tax year 2017)
• Bank account number for fast and secure direct deposit of your refund.

Returns that are considered Out-of-Scope:

  • Incomes more than $55,000
  • Self-employed or cash income with business related expenses over $10,000, have a loss, taking expenses with no proof (receipts, documented mileage, etc. are required), employees, inventory, or business property.
  • Returns for businesses.
  • Cancelled debt income (Forms 1099C and 1099A) for foreclosures or short sales.
  • Handwritten tax documents (W-2, 1099, 1098, etc.)
  • Returns for visitors, such as “F,” “J,” “M,” or “Q” visas, that require a 1040NR tax return.
  • Rental Income, Foreign Income, Royalty Income, or income from a partnership/corporation (K-1 form)
  • Married Filing Separately returns (If you are legally married & file alone - you may be a Married Filing Separate taxpayer - this is out of scope and we will not be able to assist you).

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